What's a Nurse Practitioner even do?

Nurse practitioners (NP), sometimes called advanced practice registered nurses (APRN), are nurses who have been trained to diagnose, treat, and educate on various medical conditions. They function in much the same way as doctors but are trained from a holistic, nursing perspective instead of from a medical school perspective.

oAPRN’s have comparable or better patient care outcomes and satisfaction scores when compared to doctors in multiple federal studies

o Majority of APRN practice is in primary and urgent care to address current provider shortages.

o 22/50 states allow APRN’s to practice independently.

This means a Nurse Practitioner can take care of most of your healthcare needs. If additional specialties are needed, such as if you need to see a specialist like a heart doctor, nurse practitioners partner with physicians to provide team based care so you feel seen and supported.

Melissa Hallman, Nurse Practitioner

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